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Booz Allen Hamilton | The New Solution Business Website

The Strategic & Innovation Group at Booz Allen Hamilton brought me onto their small but mighty team to design and imagine multiple brand new internal websites - one of which was their new home site.


The team was comprised of 1 Marketing/Branding Manager, 1 Project Manager, 2 Engineers, 1 Managing Director, and 1 UX Designer (Sr. Consultant).

I was the sole UX Designer for this team, collaborating in a tight feedback loop with marketing, project management, and development to lead the design process and create deliverables for their new, bold home site.

The Problem

To design and imagine a bold, inspiring, and usable website that (1) empowers Booz Allen employees to accelerate growth on ideas (“assets”) they have for either a new product or project at the firm and (2) helps propel a culture shift and mentality that Booz Allen is only a services based consulting company to one that provides users and customers with solutions (products + services).   

Through allowing people to connect with plant-based service providers in their community, we can also raise more awareness of the benefits of embracing a plant-based lifestyle (even if it’s a couple meals a week). 



As this was a brand new website we were designing from the ground up, I first started by working with the team to understand the goals and objectives for both Booz Allen employee users, as well as for the business. 

For our primary user base - Booz Allen employees - the main goals were to

  • Have increased awareness of the Solutions Business organization and mission

  • Better understand the difference between a product, a service, and a solution

  • How they can move from an idea to action with help from the SB team.

Secondarily, for the Solutions Business team within the Strategic Innovation group, we determined the following key objectives and goals

  • Shift the company culture and mentality from a services based model to a solutions based model (combining the power of products with services)

  • Help BAH employees understand the journey and process the team takes to go from an idea to evaluating market fit and acceleration

  • Showcase a few top solutions that have taken off - ranging from web applications to virtual reality experiences.


Then, I defined the style guide for the site - from typography to UI components, as well as a journey map of the process a user’s idea goes through until it finally gets realized by the business.

The Solution

After defining the style guide, journey map, and IA for the site, I created design experiences for the website - showcasing the key areas we defined as our goals and objectives - placing a lot of emphasis on  explaining the mission of the SB team, difference between a product, service, and solution, and highlights to some of the solutions already founded at the firm - as well as a call to action for BAH employees for how to get started if they have a new idea.

Solutions Business Final Designs.png
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